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Our Seven Values

MCWPC aims to provide a pathway to assist all members, starting at an early age, to develop playing, leadership, coaching, refereeing and mentoring skills 

MCWPC aims to provide opportunity for members of all abilities, promoting participation and enjoyment at the junior level, skill development at the intermediate level and elite training at the senior level. 

MCWPC aims to provide the highest quality water polo programme in Victoria. 

MCWPC aims to utilise enthusiastic and experienced coaches dedicated to providing the best instruction available. 

MCWPC aims to provide an environment for members to maximise their potential. 

MCWPC aims to create a culture of respect for opponents, game officials and fellow club members. Teaching and demonstrating sportsmanship and infusing the obligation for one to abide by the rules of the game. 

MCWPC aims to be competitive at Club, State and National level water polo events for both men and woman of all ages within a culture of team work and a commitment to a team based environment. To perpetuate a legacy of members achieving their goals.

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