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Fee Structure

Melbourne Collegians fees are broken into two components:

  1. Water Polo Victoria and Water Polo Australia Capitation Fees

    • Capitation fees are applicable to members playing in WPV/WPA competitions and tournaments.

  2. Match Fees and/or  Training Levy

    • Charged per season of competition

The total annual fee is determined by adding the two components above. For example a Melbourne Collegians member who wishes to play in WPV competitions (Senior Competition Member) pays and annual fee of $170.50 + $69.37 + match fees and a  training levy for any season that they play..

To understand the components of your membership fees, please see the below tables.



  • If you are re-joining us after playing with us previously please click RENEW and complete your registration

  • If you are joining from a different Water Polo Victoria or Water Polo Australia club please click RENEW and complete your registration

  • If you are joining Water Polo for the first time, welcome!! Please click REGISTER and complete your registration.

If you have any questions please contact us.


WPV/WPA Capitation Fees

Capitation fees are required to be paid by members who will be playing in formal WPV/WPA competitions and tournaments during the 2022/23 seasons.  Please confirm fees with the club if you have any questions prior to paying any invoices.

Water Polo Victoria Fees have been held constant for 2022/23 from the 2021/22 season, while Water Polo Australia fees for 2022/23 have increased by 5.1% from the 2021/22 season.



Click here to see the recent changes to the WPA Membership structure and the benefits associated with WPA membership.


Match Fees or Training Levy

Match Fees are applicable to all members who play for Melbourne Collegians during the fixed WPV competitions, tournaments or other social competitions where applicable.



Payment of the above fees is mandatory at time of registration -  credit card only and credit fees apply…sorry!


Our Club fees (Match Fee & Training Levy) are included with the selected payment class - with payment also mandatory

To REGISTER NOW with Melbourne Collegians for Summer 22/23 CLICK HERE

Please contact Devon Mahoney on   if you have any problems

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