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Certain standards are expected of all members of the Melbourne Collegians Water Polo Club. These standards have been developed over time through the tradition of the club and all members need to be aware of these. As a member, you are expected to adhere to the below principles.


I understand and accept that:

  • I will represent the Club in a positive and courteous way both in and out of the pool

  • I will respect and cooperate with all Club members, including my coach, team manager and team mates

  • I will not condone, participate in or support any form of bullying

  • Every Club member is equally valuable



Training Principles 
I understand and accept that:

  • I will let the coach/team manager know in advance if I am unable to attend training

  • I will arrive at and get ready to start training at the official start time

  • If I do not regularly attend Club training it may impact on my team selection and/or game time

  • My fitness, skill level and attitude are equally important

  • I will listen to instructions and feedback to help improve my skills

  • I will actively help others to develop their skills

Competition Principles 
I understand and accept that:

  • I will let the coach/team manager know in advance if I am unable to attend games

  • I will arrive at games beforehand to warm up and be part of any pre-game discussion

  • I will play by the rules and to the best of my ability

  • I will work equally as hard for myself and the team

  • Winning is important but doing my best and giving everything I can for the team, even under difficult circumstances is more important

  • I will never argue with an official in or out of the water; if I have an issue I will speak to my coach

  • I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat

  • I will thank officials and opposition at the end of the game



I understand and accept that:

  • Players participate for enjoyment and that winning is only a part of the experience

  • I will arrive before a game or training is due to start to prepare my players

  • I will operate within the rules and spirit of the game and teach players to do the same

  • I will show courtesy to and respect all involved, including opponents, referees, coaches and officials

  • I will actively seek and be open to new strategies

  • I will show concern and caution towards sick or injured players

  • I will be approachable and available to players/parents to discuss issues or concerns they may have

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