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Volunteers needed!

Victorian Phoenix are the states AWL club and are seeking some match day support from the WPV community in games they are hosting.

The roles needed are below (essentially require 5 people for each game)

  • game & shotclock

  • scorer

  • caller+ flags

  • live scoring (on tablet)

  • kickout boards

All games are held at Caulfield Grammar and Dates are.....

  • Saturday 10-February 5.15pm (W) & 6.30pm (M) (urgent support required)

  • Sunday 11-February 12.30pm (W) & 1.45pm (M) (urgent support required)

  • Saturday 16-March 5.15pm (W) & 6.30pm (M)

  • Sunday 17-March 12.30pm (W) & 1.45pm (M)

  • Saturday 6-April 5.15pm (W) & 6.30pm (M)

  • Sunday 7-April 12.30pm (W) & 1.45pm (M)

If you are able to assist on any of these games/dates please contact Tony Ryan on 0412 853 412 or via email

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