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Melbourne Collegians VIC 92/93 State League 1 Championship Team

Paul Edebone recently organised a reunion dinner for the Melbourne Collegians Water Polo Team that won the State League 1 Championship for the 1992/1993 season.

It was a big win for the team which included:

Ian McInnes, Simon Asher, Jared Curnow, Matthew Spence, Todd Sunderman, Paul Edebone, John Wall, Daniel Marsden, Craig Christie, Dave Morarty, Warren Curnow,

Chris Stoupas, David Orchard, Jeff Barrow (Coach) Graham Fletcher (Manager).

A very special invitation also went to those who contributed massively to the win prior to and after that game. “They made us who we were as polo players and who we are today in some shape or form! “

Roger Brown, Andrew Fenech, Andrew Wilson, Warren Green, Mark Eklemans, Scott Emerson, Russell Fletcher, Alan Phillips, Rob Edwards, Rod Woods

Lots of stories were shared on the night, which will for the most remain confidential business. The consensus was - after 30 years it is still a wonderful legacy to have been part of Melbourne Collegians Water Polo Club!

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