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Urgent - Summer Competition Expressions of Interest Required NOW

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Dear parents and girls/boys born 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06

We are seeking expressions of interest from athletes to play in the state championship/summer competition during terms 3 & 4.

Round 1 will commence Tuesday 23 July (girls) and Wed 24 July (boys) at MSAC with finals will in the first 1-2 weeks of December.

Please note that the age cut-offs for competition have changed. They are now:

U18 is born 02, 03 (& some 04)U16 is born 04, 05 (& some 06)

Please reply to advising:

If your daughter/son intends to play in the state championship competitionWhich grade she wishes to play in (u16, U18, SL1, SL2, etc)If you wish to play more than one grade (e.g. U16 and U18, or U18 and SL1 or 2)

Please note that you will need to be registered in order to play. You will be able to register by following the link that will be emailed out in the next few weeks. To be clear, the registration process has not yet commenced so don’t panic by trying to look for an email that hasn’t yet been sent! However, once you receive the registration email, you will need to register promptly.

Please provide your response ASAP to be assured of a place in our teams. If you do not provide a response in time, we may not be able to guarantee a spot for your daughter/son in their preferred grade

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